"There is a lot to be said about the production of the album, too. The sound is clearly heavily influenced by The Strokes, and bands of a similar style. It's rare to hear a band intentionally try and achieve this sound, but even more uncommon for them to achieve it as well as Under the Pavilion does."

Under the Pavilion draws from 70's punk and garage  band influences. Their music features melodic guitar riffs, driving drums and loud bass! Having released their first full length album, When we Started, February of 2018, Under the Pavilion is currently playing multiple shows throughout the Midwest and entering the studio June 2019 to record their second album. Featuring Pat Obert (left) on vocals and guitar, Alex Smith on guitar and Adam Lien (right) on bass; Under the Pavilion's dynamic lineup translates to high energy performances.

Ed's No Name Bar
Winona, Mn
Hexagon Bar
Minneapolis, Mn
Foster Fest
Rochester, Mn
Mayslack's Bar
Minneapolis, Mn
Thursdays on 1st
Rochester, Mn
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