Bass player required to contribute more than just playing bass

The bass player of Indie Rock group Under the Pavilion says he was shocked to find out he needed to do more than just play bass in the band. "When I tried out and got the gig I thought I was good to go, I didn't realize I'd have to provide sound equipment, some lights, design and sell t-shirts and haul everyone's gear! This is ridiculous!" says bassist Adam Lien with Under the Pavilion.

Talking to the rest of the band members though revealed a different story. "We all kinda thought it was weird how shocked he was. We thought it was a given. You're playing the easiest instrument in the band, we're going to expect a little more out of you to carry your weight." explained vocalist Pat Obert. Digging a little deeper into this subject, it turns out 93% of bass players are often the sound engineers, equipment purchases, and gear haulers of the band. More interesting is that often enough, when bands don't work out, the bassist already has this extra set of skills to fall back on.

Following up with legendary bassist Del Vincent from locally famous rock group The Knuckleheads proved he's doing all right. "When our short run career with The Knuckleheads abruptly ended after our third gig, I had to find a new way to make some cash. Naturally being the guy that hauled the gear and owned the van I started a small moving company. Man I was glad I had that skillset to fall back on!" Del told us.

All in all it seems, regardless of their inability to play actual instruments, bassists have adapted and evolved over the years developing these new skillsets to ensure survival after the band career phase of their lives.

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